Lush review-fizzbanger bath bomb

I received this particular bath bomb in the Happy Daze gift set along with The Experimenter bath bomb and the Brightside and The Comforter bubble bars.

I was super excited to try this bath bomb as it smelt amazing-the Lush description described it as an apple orchard along with cinnamon, however for me, I would describe it almost as a citrusy scent which I love!

I was not expecting wonders for the visual aspect and merely expected the water to turn a golden yellow colour judging by its outside appearance but oh no!

As expected when I dropped it in the water a golden yellow coloured the water but as there often is with lush, a hidden centre of a bright blue revealed itself and mixed with the yellow forming an almost fluorescent green! In addition to this the popping candy fizzed and popped away!

This bath bomb has many calming and relaxing properties thanks to its organic ingredients:

  • Petitgrain oil

This comes from an orange tree in Paraguay and is used as a mild antiseptic for skin, scalp and hair (i.e. Beneficial for acne and oily skin along with dandruff prone hair)

  • Cinnamon leaf oil

From Sri Lanka it is commonly used to combat depression, weakness and exhaustion as well as well as encouraging hair growth and being warming on the skin and scalp.

  • Ylang ylang oil

It originates from Comoros and is used in aromatherapy for its sweet, heady and floral fragrances.

  • Popping candy

This adds a bit of fun to your bath fizzing and popping away!


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