Christmas candles

Christmas is only days away but it’s not too late to fill your house with scented candles and really get that seasonal feel with candles from Asos, Boden, Yankee Candle and H&M in scents such as Cinnamon, Berry and Fig!

I love asos for absolutely everything from jewelllery to coats to sunglasses to makeup and it’s no different for candles!




boden-candle-1Boden only has one candle but it comes in four different designs, I personally like the fairy lights design and there are four scents! Tuberose, Fig, Rose and Redcurrant!

What kind of post would this be without mentioning the good ol’ Yankee Candle!

There are so many to choose from, here are a coupleย of my personal favourites:




I love H&M’s clothes so was absolutely DELIGHTED when I discovered their candle range and their seasonal Christmas selection is no exception!

I know I know one of them isn’t a candle but can you imagine a more festive candle holder to put your tealights in?!?!


I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and that its inspired you to go and get some festive candles.

Thank you very much for reading! ย xxx


6 thoughts on “Christmas candles

  1. Hannah Grace 2001 says:

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