Christmas wrapping 

So a lot of people I know find it difficult or don’t like to wrap presents, I love it and find it really therapeutic so here are some ways to improve your present wrapping skills and have a lot more creative fun!

First of all, I lay out all of my wrapping paper (I always try and use at least three as it looks much more interesting than all the presents wrapped in one present) get out some scissors and a big roll of sticky tape and lay out all the presents I need to wrap as I find it much easier and quicker to work when the space is organised!

I feel like everyone finds boxes and books easiest to wrap so I usually start with them. First I roll up the object in wrapping paper and stick the end down with tape as shown:

Then I fold in the edges to make a little triangle before folding that up and sticking it down:

Sometimes I like to use tissue paper as I find it easier to manipulate,  for circular objects I fold in the ends so it’s the width of the object and just roll it up however for boxes I usually fold the tissue paper 2 or 3 times so it’s not see through and wrap as normal:

To change it up a bit and get even more in that festive spirit I like to use special Christmassy boxes and bags! Although, I still loosely wrap the object in tissue paper to create an element of surprise.

Once all the presents are wrapped I like to go the extra mile and put ribbon and bows on the presents!

Then of course you need to name the present so you know who it’s for and what better way to do that then with Christmas gift tags!

I can’t think of anything more satisfying than seeing a pile of gorgeously wrapped presents with your name on and at the same time being excited for people to receive the gifts you bought them!

Here’s a picture of the finished product!

Remember Christmas is only two days away so get wrapping!

Thank you for reading! xxx


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