A day at Basildon park 

A week or so ago my family and I went on a day out to Basildon park, another national trust house which I’ve never been to before and it was beautiful!

I mean, look at the entrance hall!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful ceiling!

We visited in early January so it was still set up for Christmas decorations and it felt so festive it made me long for Christmas all over again!

This red room was shaped like an octagon and has been featured in numerous films and TV programmes such as Downton Abbey AND Pride and Prejudice!

There were also numerous bedrooms with absolutely stunning four poster beds!

And if you thought the inside was stunning – take a look at the outside! It was a gorgeous day with not a single cloud in the sky although a little chilly and the gardens were gorgeous!

Thank you for reading! xxx


21 thoughts on “A day at Basildon park 

  1. milliethom says:

    Another very beautiful National Trust property, Alice. It seems you enjoy visiting these places as much as we do. I have so many posts still to write up from last year – when I get the time! Are you an English Heritage member, too? Basildon Park isn’t somewhere we’ve been to yet, but it certainly looks like a place we ought to see. We tend to spend a lot of time in Derbyshire and Yorkshire, so we’ve seen quite a few stately homes and parks there.
    Your photos are wonderful! I’m no photographer and appreciate your skill. Thanks for sharing this.

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      • milliethom says:

        We went to Stonehenge for the first time last year, despite once living in Wantage for 6 years. We just never got round to it. Yes, most of our days out are within travel distance, as I suppose yours are. We live between Newark and Lincoln now. We visit places further away on our short breaks during the year. We’re both retired, so we’re lucky to be able to go away quite often. 🙂

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