Oliver Bonas review

Hi guys! I recently discovered my new all time favourite shop-that’s right!- Oliver Bonas!

I visited Greenwich the other day and saw their shop and the window displays were so stunning I couldn’t not have a look inside! They sell homeware, clothes and lots more! I wanted to buy literally the entire shop!

I was browsing through the sale section when something caught my eye; a gorgeous sparkling jumper and guess what? It was in my size so I tried it on and was not disappointed. It is super sparkly especially under lights so the photo is slightly deceiving but I love the glitter as it makes you stand out-and the best thing was it was only £20!

If you guys ever have a chance check out Oliver Bonas as it is an absolutely incredible store!

Thank you for reading! xxx


13 thoughts on “Oliver Bonas review

  1. beetleypete says:

    When I lived in Surrey Docks, South London, I used to hang around Greenwich a lot. It was just up the road, and a good place to enjoy an urban ‘vibe’. The market, a cinema, the restaurants, and the park. I moved away from there in 1997 though, so no Oliver Bonas back then.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. thelustinglife says:

    Great blog post! Yep, a danger to discover a brand you love isn’t it? I’ve been a fan of O.B for a while now, their homewear is amazing too, & they do some great furniture on their website too! I literally want about 50 things, they also do really cute socks! Random I know!

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